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Audio Horn Type Directional Microphone with Remote Transmission

Product number: PKI 2950

  • PKI-2945-Audio-Horn-Type-Directional-Microphone-with-Remote-Transmission

    PKI 2945 Audio Horn Type Directional Microphone with Remote Transmission

The development of directional microphones has been part of the PKI business for more than 40 years. The challenge is enormous, the demand immense. As a result of the progressive electronics development, engineers think to have reached the limit, but they are taught a lesson by new components. The result is this PKI 2950 Audio Horn Type Directional Microphone with Remote Transmission.

PKI 2950 is the result of our latest development. A commercially available laptop bag is used as camouflage for the elaborate and complex technology. The PKI 2950 Audio Horn Type Directional Microphone with Remote Transmission consists of a horn type directional microphone with downstream amplifier with an 80,000-fold amplification factor and a 7-band equalizer.

Listening-in is directly possible via a headset or wirelessly via the built-in 1W HF transmitter up to a distance of 200m. A recording possibility is given in the device itself or integrated into the HF receiver. The application of PKI 2950 is absolutely straightforward. Switch on the different devices, align the bag and execute the control function via the delivered headset, then position yourself with the camouflaged HF pocket receiver in a radius of 200m and record or monitor the desired conversation.

Laptop bag40 x 16 x 18 cm
Weight3.5 kg
Power supply3.7V /40,000 mAh LIPO + battery charger 90-240 V/AC
Horn type directional microphone300 - 20.000 Hz
Amplification80.000-fold with noise suppression
Max. sound pressure115 dB
Signal/noise ratio60 dB
Sensitivity1μV/ Pa/ 1kHz
7-band active equalizer+/- 12dB
150 Hz, 300 Hz, 600 Hz, 1200 Hz,
2400 Hz, 4800 Hz, 7200 Hz
1 Watt HF transmitterFrequency 1300 - 1350 MHz
Sound transmission6 MHz
Audio bandwidth15 Hz – -15 kHz
AntennaSMA connection
Recorder monitoring16 bit/ 8 kHz
MemoryMini SD, 323 GB
RecordingMP3, 8-320 Kbps, 8 h
Recorder/Filter/MonitorTa/PC WIN8, 7“ display
Software filter17 filter types per equalizer available 6-48 dB/Oct diplexers with equalizer even higher edge steepness 5 parametric equalizers RMS compressor level adjustment