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Electronic Observation Equipment Carrying Case

Product number: PKI 2970

For their work, the special forces of the police need special devices of state-of-the art observation technique for professional use. For such cases we offer our PKI 2970 Electronic Observation Equipment Carrying Case. PKI pass their many years of experience on and have thus collected a series of devices in the PKI 2970 Electronic Observation Equipment Carrying Case. Please find a detailed list of the individual devices below.

1) PKI 5010 A/V Body Worn HD Camera
2) PKI 4970 A/V Directional and Tele HD Camera
3) PKI 2205 Room Transmitter
4) PKI 2275 Mains Transmitter
5) PKI 2325 Throwing Audio Transmitter
6) PKI 2225 Professional Pocket-Receiver
7) PKI 2135 Digital Telephone Recorder
8) PKI 2115 Digital Stethoscope Recorder
9) PKI 4215 Bug Detector
10) PKI 4960 A/V Mains HD Camera

The specifications can be found under the respective PKI number. Modifications of the device collection are possible on demand.
The carrying case itself is made of hard shell plastic and can be sealed against moisture and air. Its dimensions are 34 x 26 x 15cm and its weight is 3kg.