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ISDN Connection with Miniature Digital Recorder

Product number: PKI 2350

  • PKI-2350-ISDN-Connection-with-Miniature-Digital-Recorder

    PKI 2350 ISDN Connection with Miniature Digital Recorder

The complete PKI 2350 ISDN Connection with Miniature Digital Recorder system consists of a tiny little transmitter and a miniature digital recorder. The transmitter can easily be installed into a telephone set or directly into the ISDN-line for a continuous monitoring and recording of both sides of telephone conversations via ISDN-lines. The full conversation will be recorded by the supplied digital recorder, which will only start when a telephone conversation begins. This saves storage capacity and provides a long-term recording. Each message automatically is date/time stamped by the built-in real-time clock and stored messages can be played back using an earphone or downloaded to a PC as standard sound files. Furthermore the recorder incorporates a high sensitively microphone, which covers a typical range of up to 8 – 10 meters.

Professional connection to any ISDN- telephone system with automatic recording of conversations on digital recorder
Up to 140 hours recording time
Automatic channel selection via jumper at S-bus of ISDN central
Easy connection by supplied cables between S-Bus and recorder
Digital recorder included
VOX (voice control) of recorder is supported