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Long Term Transmitter

Product number: PKI 2280

  • PKI-2280-Long-Term-Transmitter

    PKI 2280 Long Term Transmitter

In every specific case it is difficult to select the most suitable transmitter for monitoring a room. Whether extended operation time, high output power or small dimensions are the main factors – at every time the operator has to make his own decision. But we have the right solution for all of these purposes. Every possible device for large transmitting ranges, high output powers and/or other features may be found in this catalogue. With the PKI 2280 Long Term Transmitter we offer a battery operated transmitter with the main advantage of extended operation time with one single set of batteries only. The supplied Long Term Transmitter set of different battery adapters enable a variety of operation times from 24 hours to a maximum of approx. 2100 hours. The output power of 1mW allows transmission in ranges of several hundred meters within the UHF-radio band.

Continuous operation time of 24 to 2100 hours with one battery set depending on type of battery
High sensitive microphone
Various types of batteries supplied
Set of battery adapters included
Small size by SMD technology
Crystal controlled
UHF frequency at around 427MHz
1mW output power
5KHz modulation/deviation
Dimensions 14 x 22 x 8mm
This device matches PKI 2225 receiver