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Miniature Receiver

Product number: PKI 2445

  • PKI-2445-Miniature-Receiver

    PKI 2445 Miniature Receiver

This small device is really a phenomenal achievement in the field of electronic microchip technique. The PKI 2445 Miniature Receiver is the worldwide smallest in-the-ear receiver. This earphone-receiver should not be missed in any observation where tasks have to be carried out in public areas. A complete VHF Receiver, with integrated power supply, by means of a small-sized coin cell, is placed in an ordinary earphone. It picks up the required signal and performs a perfect sound reception. The specially developed circuit board offers audio functions which normally only can be expected by large and professional radio receivers. The PKI 2445 Miniature Receiver is equipped with a carrier-frequency- controlled squelch, noise filter, automatic frequency control (AFC) and two adjustable volume levels.

Max. distanceApprox. 1.000 meters
Frequency range138 – 240MHz special frequencies upon request
Operation timeUp to 15-30 hours
Automatic FrequencyControl included
Squelch and Noise FilterIncluded
AccessoriesCleaning set, batteries, etc. are included