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Professional Pocket Receiver

Product number: PKI 2225

  • PKI-2225-Professional-Pocket-Receiver

    PKI 2225 Professional Pocket Receiver

This PKI 2225 Professional Pocket Receiver has been developed for the reception of our various PKI transmitters. With its pocket-size dimension and high input sensitivity PKI 2225 leaves nothing to be desired. It is powered by a common 9V block battery which allows 8 hours operating time. The extraordinary high input sensitivity of 0,25μV at 12dB provides longest possible operating range between transmitter and receiver. The PKI 2225 Professional Pocket Receiver is available with digital recorder (PKI 2105), with and without loudspeaker in UHF range and 3 channels each.

FrequenciesUHF 370 - 430MHz
Power supply9V block battery
DemodulationFM narrow band @ 6kHz
Spurious suppressionBetter than 40dB
SensitivityBetter than 0,25μV at 12dB
Frequency stabilityBetter than +/- 2ppm (0 - 50°C)
Operating time8hrs
Squelch range0,2μV - 1,5μV
Antenna50 ohm
Dimensions140 x 77 x 24mm
Audio output-socketHeadphone and recorder
Features includedChannel selector, squelch control, volume control, antenna connector