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Professional Unlimited Monitoring System

Product number: PKI 2650

The PKI 2650 is an absolute world innovation regarding interception technology. It allows to intercept calls made in any premises without being bound to a location, i.e. the PKI 2650 is camouflaged in masonry, sockets, a lamp etc. with 110/220V power supply. The PKI 2650 can be activated from any place in the world. Incoming transmissions are automatically answered and recorded as an audio file. The files can be stored on a memory stick or be sent as an email. The PKI 2650 is available as single-channel and multi-channel recorder. In the multi-channel version, incoming calls can be recorded and managed by several GSM bugs in parallel. The server can be used on all current telephone lines (analog, SIP, ISDN) or directly in the GSM network with SIM card.

Size100 x 70 x 25mm
External Power Supply 90 - 230V to 5V/2,5A
Network100 Mbit LAN
OptionalPOTS, ISDN, GSM Interface