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Room Transmitter

Product number: PKI 2205

  • PKI-2205-Room-Transmitter

    PKI 2205 Room Transmitter

Room monitoring requires a small but powerful audio transmitter. Latest technology and consequently low current consumption allows up to 15hrs continuous surveillance operation. Only by implementation of SMT (surface mount technology) its extremley small dimensions could be achieved. Metal housing manufactured by rotary-grinding from one metal block provides excellent emission characteristics. The placing of a bug has to happen very quickly. The PKI 2205 Room transmitter with its external power supply solves the problem, because only the external battery has to be connected and the unit is ready to operate. The PKI 2205 Room Transmitter is available in standard frequencies within UHF band. VHF, SHF or spezial frequencies are available on request.

Standard FrequencyUHF,
A 427.125 MHz,
B 427.475 MHz,
C 427.825 MHz,
others on request
RF Output Power100 mW
Modulation/ DeviationNFM at 5 kHz
Spurious SuppressionBetter than 50 dB
Operation time15 hrs / 9V standard battery
Microphone internal electret
Microphone Sensitivity-62 dB
Dimensions(LxWxH) 30x16x8 mm
This device matches PKI 2225 receiver