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Special Directional Microphone

Product number: PKI 2530

The quality of visual monitoring of squares, halls or e.g. railway stations is, if provided with audio equipment at all, not acceptable. This is where our PKI 2530 Special Directional Microphone come into play. Watertight for heavy duty, you can directly provide the correct sound for the pictures of the existing camera. With an opening angle of 45 degrees and an operating range of up to 30m, the correct sound to the picture is no problem any longer. And digital filter systems also ensure concentration on the essential contents of the detected signals.

Acoustic rangeUp to 30m (wide directional 45°)
Frequency range20Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity- 45dB
Signal/ noise ratio SNR70dB - 90dB
Directional patternOmnidirectional 360° ball
Impedance600 Ohm
Signal output2.5Vpp/ -25dB
Built-in preamplifier
Power supplyDC 12V (8 - 20V) / ~30mA
Connection cable3-wire = Power/Audio/GND (maximum length: 3km)
DimensionsDifferent versions available