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Special Vehicle Microphone

Product number: PKI 2520

This Special Vehicle Microphone mounted on top of a vehicle is e.g. used on police cars. Its flat design uses the reflections from the underground like a sound pick-up, on request reduces street/traffic noise and offers clear recording within a circumference of 15m. Watertight thanks to a special technology, however, the PKI 2520 Special Vehicle Microphone is very sensitive.

Acoustic range15 m (omnidirectional 360°)
Frequency range20 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity-42 dB
Signal/noise ratio SNR>67 dB outdoor / >70 dB indoor
Directional patternOmnidirectional 360° ball
Impedance600 Ohm
Signal output2.5 Vpp / -25 dB
Built-in preamplifier
Power supplyDC 12 V (8 - 20 V) / 52 mA
Connection cable3-wire = Power/Audio/GND (maximum length: 3 km)
Dimensions127 x 96 x 25 mm, 160 g