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Wired Monitoring System

Product number: PKI 2860

  • PKI-2860-Wired-Monitoring-System

    PKI 2860 Wired Monitoring System

Most observation tasks today are done by wireless microphones, the so-called “bugs”. Beside these, more sophisticated systems like optical lasers, IR Monitoring Systems, GPS, GSM and computer monitoring systems are used. All of these you may find in this catalogue and are supplied by us. But still there is a demand for a conventional monitoring system using wired microphones.The PKI 2860 Wired Monitoring System is the best choice for such purposes. With its thin cable and sub-miniature microphone it does not emit any high frequency radiation and perfectly matches the tasks of long-term observations in stationary use and it is hardly detectable. The PKI 2860 Wired Monitoring System provides a perfect audio quality with which even whispered words can be heard and recorded. The standard version of the PKI 2860 Wired Monitoring System comes with a 50m cable and can be cascaded by optionally available cables (each 50m length) up to a total distance of 500m without any loss of audio quality. The supplied high-capacity and low-noise audio-amplifier is equipped with an audio input socket, a socket for ear-phone plus an output for any kind of recorder.

Dimensions of amplifier22 x 64 x 98mm
Weight of amplifierApprox. 150g
Power supply9V block battery or 110/ 220VAC via mains adapter (not included)
Frequency range250 to 3500Hz
Amplification adjustable up to 30.000 times
Operating timeUp to 50 hours with battery, unlimited with mains adapter