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6GHz Real-time spectrum analyzer

Product number: PKI 4350

The PKI 4350 6GHz Real-time spectrum analyzer is the world’s first and only dual USB True I/Q Streaming Spectrum Analyzer with up to 784 M Bytes/s and scans 6GHz in less than 5mS (1 THz/s). The dual receiver bandwidth is 2 x 200MHz and the I/Q vector signal generator bandwidth is up to 120 MHz for seamless streaming. The world’s leading spectrum analysis software „RTSA-Suite PRO“ makes this exceptional data available. Whether a radio frequency range from 10MHz to 6GHz or the extraordinary dynamic range of a 16 – bit – ADC at 2 GSPS or FFT- based POI with a length of only 97 ns or I/Q – based POI up to 10ns unlimited and continuous I/Q – streaming with up to 2 x USB 3.0 The sampling rate of 500 MSPS divided into 16 Bit Dual 256MSPS I/Q data or FPGA of 930 GMAC/s as well as the FFT rate of 960 million FFT points/s (120 million FFTs/s) make this German PKI 4350 product distinctive and leading on the world market. The PKI 4350 6GHz Real-time spectrum analyzer is fast, compact and powerful and solves any RF problem regarding fat run monitoring, RF and microwave quantity, interference search, EMC testing or Wi-Fi and wireless network measurements. PKI 4350 is mainly used by governments, military, aeronautics, research and development, science and universities and by the entire industry.

Weight850 g
Dimensions210 x 115 x 30 mm
SoftwareCompletely belongs to the equipment
Input/ Output50 Ohm HF (SMA)
AccessoriesVarious antennas:
- IsoLOG 3D Mobile radio 9 KHz - 6 GHz
- BicoLOG Antennas 20 MHz - 3 GHz
- HyperLOG Antennas 380 MHz - 6 GHz
Frequency range10 MHz to 6 GHz (1 Hz to 26 GHz in development)
Real-time bandwidth Rx200 MHz (245 I/Q rate)
Real-time bandwidth Tx120 MHz I/Q gapless streaming
POI97 nS (FFT-based), 10nS (direct I/Q-based)
Max. power Rx+23 dBm
Max. power Tx3 dBm
DANL (internal pre-amp on)Typ. -170 dBm/Hz
Amplitude accuracy (typ.)Typ. +/- 0,5 dB (compensated by FIR filter)
USB streaming connectionOne or two USB 3.0
USB bandwidthUp to 784 Mbytes/s sustained Throughput to PC
Frequency reference accuracy0,5 ppm (5 ppb via OCXO option)
RBW (resolution bandwidth)62MHz to 200MHz
Measurement unitsOver 20 (e.g. dBm, V/m, A/m)
DetectorMin, Max, AVG, Peak, QPeak (in development)
Attenuator range36 dB (0,5 dB steps)
Over 20 (e.g. ACT, AVG, MAX, MIN, QPEAK)
Measurement modesTrue IQ or Power/ Frequency data
TriggerCursor, Measurement, Density
GPS synchronization+/- 10ns timestamping in each data packet
External Frequency Reference InputTyp. 10MHz, 3,5VRMS into 50 Ohm (SMB-connector)
RF connectorsSMA (Rx, Tx), SMB (Trigger, Refclock, GPS, PPM)
Temperature range-40°C to +60°C
PowerUSB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C PD 3.0
Power consumptionTypical 15 W