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Anti Spy Suitcase

Product number: PKI 4005

The PKI device combination is unprecedented and should not be missing in any institution of the various ministries worldwide. Even international companies are no longer safe from monitoring operations. Industrial espionage or product piracy is known to be on the rise. On this account, PKI has assorted a selection of the most effective PKI products in a suitcase set. With this PKI 4005 Anti Spy Suitcase mobile operations of the most different kind are possible. What is hardly or not at all possible with individual devices becomes the desired success when combined. In order to ensure a rapid delivery of these proven products, PKI always keeps this anti spy suitcase on stock. Moreover, PKI 4005 is not subject to an export licensing procedure.

The following products are included:

PKI 4125 Mobile Phone Detector
PKI 4215 Bug Detector 1MHz – 7GHz PKI 4225 Wired Microphone Detector
PKI 4720 Camera Detector
PKI 8100 Flexible HD Endoscope Camera
PKI 4240 Computer Protector Software
PKI 4420 Mobile Phone Protection Software
PKI 4655 Window Noise Generator PKI 4135 WiFi Network Analyser PKI 6725 Listening Eliminator