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HF-Measuring Device

Product number: PKI 4205

  • PKI-4205-HF-Measuring-Device

    PKI 4205 HF-Measuring Device

This HF- device measures reliably HF-radiation of mobile phones, DECT- wireless phones, flight security radars, WLAN/Bluetooth and microwaves. It is perfectly designed for measurement of pulsed HF-radiation. The results are measured in μW/m2. The PKI 4205 HF-Measuring Device offers easiest handling. The logarithmic-periodic antenna has a very good bearing and can perfectly be used for BFM. Measurements are shown on the large 3.5 digit LCD display. An acoustic signal proportional to field strength can be turned on. (sound effect as per our Geiger counter).

Frequency range800MHz – 2.5GHz
Field strength1-1999µW/m2
Minimal resolution-50dBm
Precision+/- 6dB (+/- 9 digit)
Power supply9V battery
Operating time10-12h
Dimension measuring device74 x 225 x 32mm
Dimensions antenna120 x 250 x 30mm