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Mobile Phone Detector

Product number: PKI 4125

  • PKI-4125-Mobile-Phone-Detector

    PKI 4125 Mobile Phone Detector

This manageable multiband cellular signal Mobile Phone Detector for 4G, 3G and GSM shouldn’t be missed during any surveillance operation. Signals of mobile phones, smartphones, vehicle trackers, GSM bugs and covert 3G/4G cameras are indicated on the PKI 4125 Mobile Phone Detector display. The distance between the PKI 4125 Mobile Phone Detector and the detectable object can be up to 50m depending on the output power of the suspect object. Operation of the PKI 4125 Mobile Phone Detector is extraordinary versatile and allows detection of prohibited devises in prisons, conference rooms, hospitals etc. The PKI 4125 Mobile Phone Detector provides adjustable detected sensitivity, audio alarm (beeper or earphone), signal strength indicator, sensitivity tunes for each individual frequency band.

Dimensions190 x 90 x 32mm
Detection frequency 4G 703 - 748MHz, GSM 880 - 915MHz, CDMA 824 - 849MHz, UMTS(WCDMA) 1920 - 1980MHz, DCS 1710 - 1785MHz, DECT 1895 - 1919MHz, 4G 2500 - 2570MHz,
Dynamic range35dB
Built-in antennaMicro-strip multiband, inverted-F omnidirectional
LCD display4x 16 alphanumerical with backlight
Power supplyBuilt-in Li-Ion 3,8V, 2200mAh cell
Operating time16 hours