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Multi Detection System

Product number: PKI 4800

  • PKI 4800 Multi Detection System

This Multi Detection System set reflects years of experience in hundreds of missions. Whether „state of the art“ digital equipment or traditional RF transmission technology. From wired bug to radio transmission with digital encryption. Whatever there is to be detected – you will not miss it when using this multi detection system. When compiling this system, special consideration was given to the practical suitability in use. The different detectors of the multi detection system allow you to quickly get an overview of possibly existing surveillance technology. A subsequent exact location of the detected technology can also be realised with these detectors. Even already inactive or disconnected surveillance technology can be found by the corresponding detectors.
Our PKI 4800 Multi Detection System model leaves nothing to be desired.


  • PKI 4110 Frequency Detector
  • PKI 4125 GSM/UMTS Detector
  • PKI 4130 Digital Transmission Detector
  • PKI 4170 NLJD (Non Linear Junction Detector)
  • PKI 4210 RF Finder incl. Receiver
  • PKI 4215 Bug Detector
  • PKI 4245 Wired/Wireless Microphone Detector
  • PKI 4235 Scan Detecting Analyser
  • PKI 4650 Wired Noise Generator
  • PKI 4700 Hand-Held Detector
  • PKI 4710 PC RF Detector
  • PKI 4715 Opto-Electronic Device
  • PKI 4720 Camera Detector
  • PKI 4725 Detector for Camera and Bugging Devices

Delivery in a stable carrying case incl. all necessary accessories, such as battery charger, rechargeable batteries, adapters and operating manuals. Please find the exact specifications of the individual devices in the relevant device description in our catalogue. On your request, we would like to deliver this selection assorted on the basis of years of experience in another combination, too.