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Non-Linear Junction Detector

Product number: PKI 4180

  • PKI-4180-Non-Linear-Junction-Detector

    PKI 4180 Non-Linear Junction Detector

When localizing electronic devices using NLJDs, the distance realized with the PKI 4180 Non-Linear Junction Detector reaches entirely new dimensions. The high frequency of 3580 – 3620MHz and the extremely narrow reception angle of the antenna enable an unprecedented detection. It is thus e.g. possible to locate a SIM card (1 x 2cm) from a distance of 1 m. A built-in laser pointer can visualize the center of the detection field.

Due to its super high frequency, the PKI 4180 Non-Linear Junction Detector also offers unique possibilities of detection in the most varied materials. Slots, holes, hidden screenings and reflecting materials do not present any obstacle when detecting concealed electronics. The verification of unknown objects from a distance of 5 – 10m with an NLJD is unparalleled. As a result of the extreme directional effect of the antenna, the electromagnetic radiation is reduced to a minimum level for the user.

Transmission frequency3580 - 3620MHz
Pulse signal ratio160 pulses per second
2d harmonic receiver frequency range7160 - 7240MHz
3d harmonic receiver frequency range10740 - 10860MHz
Antenna gain at fundamental frequency20dB
Antenna gain at 2d harmonic24dB
Antenna gain at 3d harmonic27dB
Pulse power and duty cycle20W (0.6 %)
EIRP (radiated power plus antenna gain)2000W
2d & 3d harmonics sensitivity-110dBm
Dynamic range40dB
Antenna opening angle (1st / 2d / 3d harmonic)16/8/4 degrees
Operating time3h
Dimensions30.3 x 30.3 x 23cm (transport dimensions), 47.7 x 30.3 x 23cm (ready to operate)
Scope of supplyBattery charger 110 - 240V, headphones (wireless), rechargeable battery and bag