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Non-Linear Junction Detector

Product number: PKI 4160

  • PKI-4160-Non-Linear-Junction-Detector

    PKI 4160 Non-Linear Junction Detector

Constant improvements in technology lead to ever smaller electronic bugs with higher transmission power and improved sound quality. Completely remote-controlled, they can even be switched off by the user. This makes the detection of these bugs particularly difficult, as frequency monitoring systems can often only detect the transmission signal of the „active“ bug. PKI has been promoting the development of NLJDs (Non-Linear Junction Detectors) for years and consistently presents top products in this sector. This special technology is able to track electronic semi-conductors in electronic bugging devices without these having to be active (switched on). The combination of easy handling, latest digital signal processing and optimum antenna design allow best results when detecting camouflaged and concealed electronic devices, even when switched off. With it, you will even find „dead“ bugs which have already fulfilled their task.

The PKI 4160 Non-Linear Junction Detector operates in the resonator frequency range from 880 – 906MHz. Its design makes it the ideal device for typical cleanups. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, operation is possible for more than 3.5h. With a weight of only 1kg, it is a lightweight in its class. As a result of its extremely thin antenna (max. 18mm) even little available space can be managed without problems. Automatic frequency hopping technology to avoid interferences from existing frequency bands used as well as automatic and manual adjustments to the transmission power allow optimal handling.

Frequency band890 - 891MHz
Dynamic range80dB
Signal power, max. pulse (duty ratio 50) / CW15/ 1W
SensitivityNot worse than -120dBm
Operating timeMore than 3.5h in pulse mode, 1.5h in CW mode (continuous wave)
Dimensions100 x 15 x 4cm
Scope of supplyBattery charger 220V, headphones (wireless), rechargeable battery and bag