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Universal Line Analyser

Product number: PKI 4300

The PKI 4300 is used to check telephone lines, AC networks, alarm circuits and also LAN cabling. In the process, the telephone and line detector checks used and unused cables for capacitive and inductive tapping as well as metrological abnormalities. Analog or digital modulation can be detected to ensure that no audio signal is transmitted via the checked telephone and/or network lines. With the pulse localisation method, the distance from the measuring point to the tapping point can be determined.

PKI 4300 is portable and therefore ideally suited to be used quickly, effectively, accurately and safely. The instrument is operated via a single rotary encoder (jog dial) and an intuitive user interface. The large and bright color touchscreen greatly improves ease of use and helps you work quickly and accurately. The built-in lithium-ion battery provides six hours of operation. PKI 4300 can also be used in mains operation via the supplied smart charger. The rugged and stable housing allows it to be used in challenging environments and adverse conditions. Using so-called delta U-trigger technology, the best trigger timing is always automatically hit. The Linux-based operating system provides the highest level of reliability and cyber security.

DisplayIndustrial grade color TFT panel
LCD size10.1" diagonal
Aspect ratio16:10
Resolution1,280 x 800 (WXGA)
Luminance1000cd/m² direct bonded Anti-reflective capacitive touch screen
Measuring range20m to 160km at V/2 = 80m/μs
Transmit pulse width20ns ... 10μs
Transmit pulse amplitude10V to 50V
Resolution0.1m at V/2 = 80m/μs
Time base accuracy100ppm
Sampling rateReal 400MHz
Dynamic range96dB, with adjustable ProRange (distance-dependent attenuation)
Time-of-flight settingV/2 10 ... 149.9m/μs (or nvp)
Output impedance50 Ω
10 Ω ... 500 Ω, adjustable
TriggeringAutomatically adjusting ΔU trigger technology.
Dielectric strength< 400V, operation with isolation filter only
Memory4GB for program and data
ConnectionsUSB, BNC, CAN
Protection classIP 65 closed, IP 54 open
Power supply12 V lithium-ion accumulator with overcharge protection and deep discharge protection Charger 110 ... 240V, 50/60Hz
10V to 17V DC, 3.8A
6 hours operating time
4 hours charging time
Dimensions362 x 195 x 305mm
Operating temperature-10°C to +50°C
Storage temperature- 20°C to +60°C
OptionsIsolating filter TF-VX for operation on mains voltages up to 600V, CAT IV
TE post-location