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Digital Audio Recorder Equipment

Product number: PKI 2100

  • PKI-2100-Digital-Audio-Recorder-Equipment

    PKI 2100 Digital Audio Recorder Equipment

For the first time, PKI herewith presents various new developments in digital recorder surveillance, the PKI 2100 Digital Audio Recorder Equipment. Here, too, PKI sets international standards and offers an undreamt of variety of applications:

10 special features by the PKI 2100 Digital Audio Recorder Equipment to be highlighted are:

1) Miniature design
2) Continuous recording for up to 50 days, incl. VOX remote or telephone up to 250 days
3) Excellent audio quality with great dynamics 20 Hz – 20 kHz
4) Microphone sensitivity up to 10 m
5) Memory capacity 16 GB and higher
6) Use of rechargeable Li-ion batteries
7) Support systems via Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8
8) Bit rate of 32 kbps – 256 kbps
9) Wireless data playback possibility
10) Combined recorder and online transmitter

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PKI 2175 Digital Amplifier Audio Box
PKI 2180 Professional Modul Stethoscope Recorder
PKI 2185 Professional Quadro Stethoscope Recorder

Please find descriptions of the different versions under the respective PKI number. Special combinations not mentioned here are possible on request or on order, e.g. long-term recorder + Vox control or mains recorder + remote control,etc. As a special accessory, we offer a playback box with amplifier and tone control for direct recorder playback without PC.