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Professional Module Stethoscope Recorder

Product number: PKI 2180

  • PKI-2180-Professional-Module-Stethoscope-Recorder

    PKI 2180 Professional Module Stethoscope Recorder

This PKI development outperforms all previous experiences you have made with respect to recorder surveillance so far. A wide variety of applications is possible and it is indispensable for professional surveillance.The PKI 2180 Professional Module Stethoscope Recorder creates an audio transparency that has not at all been possible before. The double piezoelectric transducer records conversations and noise through walls, windows, door frames and this in optimum audio quality. Up to 60 hours of conversation are recorded. In order to fully exploit the capacity,the PKI 2180 Professional Module Stethoscope Recorder is equipped with a remote control for ON/OFF, i.e. PKI 2180 can thus be switched to sleep mode. This way, monitoring operations lasting for months are possible. The PKI 2180 Professional Module Stethoscope Recorder is positioned at walls / windows or door frames as fast as lightning using the delivered „adhesive paste“. As a result of its small dimensions of only 70 x 24 x 27 mm camouflaged operation is possible. An integrated HF micro transmitter enables direct interception with the help of the delivered pocket receiver over a distance of 50 m. The HF micro transmitter can optionally be activated via the delivered remote control.


• Recorder file: ouput format WAV
• Microphone: piezoelectric, double, built-in
• Battery recording: 60 hours
• Earphone output power: > 5 mW 2×16 Ohm
• Jack: 3.5 mm, stereo
• Communication: USB 2.0
• Recording frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
• SNR: > 90dB
• Flash memory: 1G – 8G FAT 32 system
• Support system: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8
• Power supply: internal 3.7V rechargeable lithium ion battery, 360 mAh
• Weight: 35 g
• Special: playback via earphone possible, PC or PKI 2175 Digital Amplifier Audio Box

Remote control
• Frequency: 300 – 450 MHz coded
• Transmitting range: up to 100 m (depending on surrounding conditions)
• Power supply: 9V DC standard block battery
• Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 23 mm
• Weight: 350 g
• Channels: 2

HF Micro transmitter
• Frequency: UHF 400 MHz
• RF output power: 8 mW
• Modulation: NFM@5kHz
• Spurious suppression: better than 50 dB
• Microphone sensitivity: -62 dB
• Microphone: internal electret

Pocket receiver
• Dimension: 99 x 56 x 21 mm
• Weight: 110 g
• Frequency: UHF 400 MHz
• Receiver sensitivity: better than 0.4 µV at 12 dB sinad
• Modulation: NFM at 5 kHz
• Spurious suppression: better than 40 dB
• Frequency stability: better than +/- 2 ppm (0-50°C)
• Operating time: 30 h
• Power supply: 9 V block battery
• Features included: channel selector, squelch, volume control, headphone output and recorder, antenna connector
• Comes with: antenna