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A/V Global Surveillance Camera

Product number: PKI 5030

A few years ago, global A/V surveillance possibilities were wishful thinking. With the PKI 5030 A/V Global Surveillance Camera this is feasible now. Smallest design with 110 – 240V AC power supply, especially for camouflaged operations render a long-term surveillance possible. Transmission is globally realized via a modern GSM mobile phone system. The SIM card included in the A/V global surveillance camera is activated by a mobile phone and transmits the A/V data online onto the mobile phone all over the world; the data can be externally stored.

Video resolution1280 x 720 given 30 fps Video per browser connection, PC or mobile phone
ResolutionCamera 5 MPixel
Sensitivity0.008 Lux
Power supply110-240 VAC mains adapter 5 VDC or external rechargeable Li-ion battery 5V DC
Dimensions51 x 31 x 11 mm
Weight25 g