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A/V Stethoscope HD Camera

Product number: PKI 4930

This special stethoscope design developed by PKI is unique and offers surveillance possibilities from the outside to the inside and this through commercially available glass. A large piezo disk serves as sound pickup and is connected with the housing of the A/V camera. Assembly at the window is realized with our proven mastic by simply pressing the PKI 4930 A/V Stethoscope HD Camera housing onto the window of the room to be monitored. The existing lens thus also looks through the glass pane and records the visible activities together with the audio signals of the piezo element and stores them on the micro SD card. Removal of the PKI 4930 A/V Stethoscope HD Camera from the glass pane is also possible by simply pulling off the housing. The micro SD card can thus be taken out for playback at the computer in order to analyze the A/V recordings, i.e. to watch video recordings and to listen to audio recordings. It is of course also possible to connect the camera to the computer using a cable.

ResolutionPhoto 5 megapixel, camera 1280 x 720 pixel
Frames per second30 frames/s
Memory2GB - 32GB Micro SD
Sensitivity0.008 Lux/F 1.2
Power supplyRechargeable Li-ion battery, charging via the USB terminal of the computer
Recording timeMin. 1 h battery life, with external power supply up to 10 h when using a 32 GB Micro SD card
AudioHighly sensitive piezo microphone for sound transmission from solid objects, e.g. glass
Operating temperature-10°C to +50°C, less than 90% RH
Weight15 g
Dimensions45 x 27 x 9 mm