This product is listed in: Digital Audio/Video Recorder Equipment

Complete A/V Carrying Case Version

Product number: PKI 4900

This carrying case version includes a complete set of our listed audio/video surveillance devices incl. laptop and software. All cameras are equipped with a highly sensitive microphone. The user is thus prepared for all monitoring eventualities with professional technology. The PKI 4900 Complete A/V Carrying Case Version also comprises all required operating instructions of the individual devices with applications.

The specifications of the individual devices can be found under the associated PKI numberPKI 4910 A/V HD Pinhole Camera
PKI 4920 A/V PCB HD Camera
PKI 4930 A/V Stethoscope HD Camera
PKI 4940 A/V Remote Control HD Camera
PKI 4950 A/V Long Term HD Camera
PKI 4960 A/V Mains HD Camera
PKI 4970 A/V Directional and Tele HD Camera
PKI 4980 A/V Flexible Endoscope HD Camera
PKI 4990 A/V Motion HD Camera
PKI 5000 A/V Data Transmission HD Camera
PKI 5010 A/V Body Worn HD Camera
PKI 5020 A/V Wireless Camera System with HD Recording
PKI 5030 A/V Global Surveillance Camera
PKI 5040 A/V Day/Night Vision Camera
PKI 5050 A/V Laptop with Special Software
Weight12.5 kg
Dimensions 50 x 40 x 20 cm

All devices are embedded in foam plastic and absolutely protected in the hard-top case with the possibility to create a vacuum against dust and moisture.