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PKI 6715 Audio Jammer

Product number: PKI 6715

Again and again information from important conferences leak to the outside. PKI has specialized with various devices to prevent this lack of security and the PKI 6715 Audio Jammer has been particularly developed for this case. It is used wherever a certain level of confidentiality is required. The PKI 6715 Audio Jammer specifically provides effective protection against devices that use a microphone, such as analogue and digital micro-recorders, audio transmitters, smartphones, etc. to retrieve audio information.

PKI 6715 is powered by a lithium-ion-battery and comes in a desktop housing which can be placed on any conference table. Furthermore, it can be placed or taken anywhere to counteract audio interception, even outdoors or in a vehicle. If desired, PKI 6715 can be activated via a remote control. The PKI 6715 Audio Jammer has 24 + 2 ultrasonic speakers and produces 125dB noise, in a sound of 24.000 – 26.000Hz, which is usually inaudible to humans. The ultrasonic transmission provides an interference signal that is received by the mobile-phone and smartphone-recorders so that the recording of a conversation is no longer clear and understandable i.e. your conference or conversation will not be disturbed. The effectiveness of the interference depends on several factors: distance, direction of the microphones, environment, model of the microphone used or volume of the conversation, i.e. 100% interference cannot be guaranteed. The limitations resulting from the laws of physics must be taken into account when using the supersonic microphone interference technology. Ultrasound is also reflected from the surface. Therefore it is advisable to use the correct number of PKI 6715 Audio Jammers and their position in the room, i.e. a PKI 6715 single unit has a radiation of 120 degrees and an average range of about 4m.

If larger beam angles are required, 3-5 units of the PKI 6715 Audio Jammer can be combined to achieve the desired success. For larger conference rooms, a PKI 6715 5 pack Audio Jammer can be assembled to provide 360° omnidirectional coverage. Individual installation in conference rooms is of course also possible. With our ultrasonic detector PKI 6705 you can optimize the position of the devices to achieve the perfect coverage. All PKI 6715 Audio Jammers are completely self-sufficient, i.e. each with its own integral power supply for a runtime of approx. 5 hours. Each unit is individually adjustable via remote control. This PKI system has already proven itself, because the requirements in real operation can be taken into account.

Number of Ultrasonic emitters24 + 2
Generated noise frequency bandwidth, Hz24000 - 26000 Hz
Type of radiated interferenceComplex structured ultrasonic noise
Maximum installation range for effective suppression5m (effective jamming range may vary based on type of microphone of
the audio device and its relative position to the jammer)
Power supplyAccu 12V 3000 mAh lithium-ion-battery
Continues operation time5 hours (stand-by 7 days); unlimeted with power supply
Operation temperature range0°C to +50°C
Relative humidity, no more85%
Weight, kg1,2 kg
Dimensions220 x 180 x 55 mm