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PKI 2255 Digital Encrypted System

Product number: PKI 2255

This digital interception device guarantees professional monitoring and meets the highest standards in terms of transmission quality and security in relation to positioning. After more than a year of development PKI has succeeded in brining this outstanding product to the market. The fantastic orders and repeat orders are proof of the PKI quality and the satisfaction of our government customers.

PKI 2255 works not only digitally but also with frequency hopping, so that unwanted listeners are excluded. The built-in microphone, which is located in the transmitter, can still record conversation from a distance of 10m.

The corresponding pocket receiver is tuned to the transmitter and transmits the recorded signal via speakers, earphones or to a connected digital recorder. The rich power supply is guaranteed by the internal rechargeable batteries and can be charged via standard 5V USB connections. Power supply unit charger are also included. This unique surveillance unit is beyond anything you have seen before and should not be missing from any surveillance operation at the responsible authorities.

Room transmitter
Frequency 700 - 800MHz
Frequency bandwidth50 MHz (< 30ppm)
Transmit power100mW
ModulationBroadband Digital
Audio Frequency 50 - 15.000Hz
Dynamic range100dB
Power supplyInternal Battery 3,7V/ 600mAh
ChargingUSB 5V
Dimension transmitter46 x 38 x 16mm
Microphone Electric Low Noise
Audio AGC40dB
Sensor sensitivity5dBuV
Interference suppression> 80dB
Audio output3,5mm Socket; Output 400mV / 3K; Headphones 8 - 32
Power SupplyInternal Battery 3,7V/ 1400mAh
Dimension receiver140 x 77 x 23mm
Frequency700 - 800MHz
Audio Frequency50 - 15.000Hz
Dynamic Range Audio> 100dB