PKI 1540 Passive GSM Monitoring System

Product number: PKI 1540

The PKI 1540 is a passive GSM monitoring system. In their basic configuration passive systems do not have any active components, i.e. there is no RF radiation that might indicate the system. The PKI 1540 is available as dual band version for GSM 900 and 1800 MHz networks as well as as multi band version for 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. The system is capable of cracking the GSM A5.1 encryption in real time. On request, it is possible to additionally deliver a software decipher for the weaker A5.2 encryption. For the A5.1 encryption, a hardware decipher is used.

A separate receiver pair is used for each duplex channel for the uplink and downlink frequency. The basic configuration of the base unit comprises 8 duplex channels. This means that 8 parallel conversations can be recorded simultaneously. The user software is installed on the operator laptop. If more than 8 duplex channels are required, further receivers with 8 additional duplex channels each can extend the system. The decipher is sufficiently dimensioned to easily operate even larger extension stages.

After switching on, the system automatically detects the surrounding GSM networks and offers the operator a useful selection of mobile radio cells in the area to simplify the configuration. Conversations and short messages are saved on the hard disk of the operator laptop and all information is automatically taken over into a database.

As passive systems generally only use the so-called TMSI (Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identification), it is usually difficult during later contacts to assign a target to previous events. For this purpose, the PKI 1540 can be upgraded to a so-called hybrid system.

In this configuration, a clone station is added to the setup. This way, the PKI 1540 is able to use the PN (mobile phone number) as a unique identifier. For this, a clone of the target phone is created for a short period, and a ping call is sent to a phone connected to the operator laptop. This way, the phone number (PN) can be used as an unmistakable identifier. The system is supplied with 24 V DC so that it can even be used portable or in cars. The receivers can be networked via the Internet so that it is possible to operate the system remotely.

Wideband power supply 9 - 36 V and/or 100 - 240 V
Operating rangeUp to 35 km
Number of duplex channels in one receiver8
Maximum number of monitoring channelsUp to 16 units - 128 duplex channels
RF sensitivity-110 dBm
Connection with laptopLAN, Internet via VPN
DimensionsDepending on configuration
WeightDepending on configuration
Power90 - 264 V AC or 9 - 36 V DC
LaptopDC 20V
OptionalClone station for hybrid configuration, voice recognition software
Scope of supply includes laptop, receiver (dual or quad band), deciphering unit, antennas