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Catcher Detector

Product number: PKI 1670

  • PKI-1670-Catcher-Detector

    PKI 1670 Catcher Detector

The GSM monitoring System (PKI 1540) is the base for our PKI 1670 Catcher Detector. The device monitors the surrounding GSM networks in order to find GSM IMSI Catcher or other monitoring systems. Additionally, 3G/UMTS and 4G/LTE networks can be included in the monitoring. As soon as such systems have been discovered, the operating software is indicating it. Depending on the operating mode, the system can either monitor the Catcher itself or jam it. If the unit is in a monitoring mode, all communication processes and contents will be recorded. In case the monitoring system uses an encoding (A5.1), a respective decipher is required.

When the catcher is disturbed in such a way that it is no longer able to hold the connection in the system. This is not done by simple jamming but with selected interference in the communication with the telephones/targets. The PKI 1670 Catcher Detector can be completely remote controlled via internet/VPN and can thus be applied by an operation center not at site.

PKI 1670 Catcher Detector consists of:
• Operator Laptop
• Passive Monitoring Box (4-8 Channels)
• Hardware scanner for 3G/4G frequencies

• Decipher to monitor the discovered system.
• Additional transmitting power amplifier to intensify the interfering signal
• Directional antenna
• Detector to find the catcher