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Passive GSM Surveillance System

Product number: PKI 1545

Our PKI 1545 monitoring System enables the control of GSM channels. It intercepts calls in destination and random mode, without transmission and therefore cannot be detected. PKI 1545 can be optionally equipped with some unique features, including a network maneuvering signal that cannot be detected. Such transfers can be used to create black and white lists, using active counterfeit cell systems of the MITM, deletion of Encryption, generation of fake text messages etc.

PKI 1545 can intercept randomly initiated calls to dozens of cells. Even 30 cells or more can be monitored simultaneously by a single PKI 1545 unit for call/SMS initiation. Depending on the number of channels used and the number of local and remote Front Ends used, the machine can control the entire traffic intercept (do not miss a call) in one to 5 cells initiated cell, in the small systems, and up to a dozen or more cells in the larger systems. Equipped with hundreds of channels. All intercepted calls are recorded and can be played back by the PKI 1545 system operator or by any analysis even while being recorded. When a call is intercepted in one of the pre-programmed cells (base stations), the system would follow all hand overs even if not in the pre-programmed list. A silent SMS can be sent to any cellphone number for the purpose of obtaining its TMSI identifier.

Dimensions38 x 15 x 8 cm
Weight5,5 kg
Power ConsumptionMax. 50 W at 12 Vdc
Power110/220 W or optional rechargeable 5V/ 12V
Silent SMSA silent SMS van be generated to any cellphone number
Spoofed SMSAn SMS can be generated on behalf of any Target MS-ISDN to any cellphone
MSISDN ExtractionThe system can extract the public number of a cellphone given that current TMSI is known
OSINT EnrichmentEnrich regarding intercepted MSISDNs by scrapping social networks and other
open-source intelligence sources
Can be mounted on walls and powered by regular power outlets of 110/ 220 V
When carried in backpacks or side-bags, it can be equipped with rechargeable battery packs

PKI 1545 can be customized to best fit the customer’s needs:

• The smallest form factor in the industry is suitable for concealed applications
• 48 to 240 channels in each Front End, whether centrally located, on Safe-City masts or at border controls
• Narrowband receiver technology provides the most sensitive receiver modules in the industry
• The distributed architecture allows monitoring different parts of the city and ubiquitous reporting on connections and coverage of compounds

PKI 1545 offers a wide range of solutions for interception of mobile phone calls and SMS. One of the most popular configurations is a mobile 19-inch rack hosting:

• Passive front end with 96 or 128 channels
• A Central management station
• Central decoding device
• For shifting 3G traffic to GSM, which can also be used as an IMSI interceptor
• In addition, a 48CH backpack, which serves as a passive system and can be worn by a SWAT member.

Our systems offer different operating modes:


Solution for every need:

PKI 1545 in a Pelican Storm 2400 or similar with 144 to 240 channels RF front End and a decoding unit with 10Kc/sec. This unit can be connected to several other RF front-ends, which are at remote locations. This means that all locations that require attention are monitored.
PKI 1545 equipped with a battery pack that is designed for carrying cases.

System Features
UndetectableSystem monitors the GSM channels for activity, intercepts calls in target and random
modes without transmitting, (except for optional sync-transmit features which require
transmission but are unlikely to be detected as well).
High RangePKI 1545 sports ultra-high ranges because of a sensitive narrowband receiver
technology. Calls and SMS can be intercepted from a distance of tens of kilometers.
Number of cells monitored in Target ModeDepending on the system size (number of channels) PKI 1545 smaller configurations
of 48 channels can monitor from 1 to a dozen cells in target mode not missing a target.
Larger configurations can monitor24 base station cells and more.
Number of Cells monitored in Random ModePKI 1545 intercept can randomly intercept calls/ SMS initiated in dozens of cells
simultaneously. 30 cells or more can be monitored for call commencing by a single
unit. As a function of the number of channels deployed and the number of local and
remote Front Ends used the system can intercept the entire Traffic (not missing a call).
Number of channels per systemPKI 1545 minimum systems size is a 48 channels configuration where the front end
can either be remotely located or bundled into the same enclosure.
A51 & A52 DecipheringEither locally packaged within the same case or office based remotely connected to
support several systems.
Real time RecordingAll intercepted call/ SMS are recorded and saved in a database.
Dynamic AllocationSystem resources are dynamically allocated so the busiest cells get the most resources.
TransferOnce a call is intercepted in one of the pre-programmed cells being monitored, the
system would follow all transfers if not included the pre-programmed list.
SMS interceptionTexting is captured and displayed.
Interception while on move (Chase Mode)In cases where a suspected target is being followed, either by foot or Car chase, the
system would adapt itself dynamically to the new cells environment and intercept new calls.
TMSI ReallocationThe system monitors TMSIs thar are being changed bat he network and updates those
in the Target List Table.