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GPS Jamming Detector

Product number: PKI 6895

  • PKI-6895-GPS-Jamming-Detector

    PKI 6895 GPS Jamming Detector

The PKI 6895 GPS Jamming Detector has been developed for selective detection if GPS devices are jammed by someone. If your vehicles are equipped with GPS devices, the PKI 6895 finds out if the determination of their position is disturbed by any jamming device. This for example might be possible in the case of a deviation from the scheduled itinerary. The PKI 6895 GPS Jamming Detector is not affected by interferences from mobile phones or radio devices, but reliably indicates interferences produced by jamming devices. Its electronic system contains a specific filter mechanism that selectively indicates jamming signals only. Interferences of other frequency ranges (GSM, UMTS) can be detected as well. Inversely it suppresses the normal background noise.

Frequency range500MHz - 6GHz
Power supply9V - 24V DC
Alarm output1A relay
Dimensions130 x 68 x 26mm