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Intelligent Prison Jammer

Product number: PKI 6790

  • PKI-6790-Intelligent-Prison-Jammer

    PKI 6790 Intelligent Prison Jammer

With this solution, Intelligent Prison Jammer, we present a modular system which allows to inhibit mobile communication in a targeted way even in difficult environments (inner cities, etc.). This Intelligent Prison Jammer system helps to realize a local selective and time-limited reactive suppression. It consists of decentralized detectors, jammers as well as a control centre. Targeted jamming is thus possible while enabling allowed communication. There is no continuous jamming, but only the respective band is jammed in a targeted way if it is required. This way, it is possible to create areas within the zones to be monitored where a communication for own purposes is enabled. The Intelligent Prison Jammer system has a modular design and can be perfectly adapted to your needs and requirements. Operation and control can be realized separately at one location as a stand-alone system or also via an external management system. From the individual cell to monitoring several blocks, monitoring and control of several prisons can also be carried out externally.

This PKI 6790 Intelligent Prison Jammer is a stand-alone mobile detection and reactive blocker device with good energy efficiency. A conversation or an SMS detected in the vicinity are immediately indicated as an alarm via LED and sound. During the alarm, a display shows among others frequency band and field strength; date, time, duration, frequency and other parameters are stored in an internal memory in a tamper-proof way.

• Detects conversations and SMS of mobile phones in the networks GSM 900, GSM 1800 (DCS), UMTS
• Acoustic warning signal, can be deactivated
• Reactive blocking, can be deactivated
• Operating mode selectable via key switch
• Displays alarms and stores them
• All data (date, time, level, frequency band) are stored internally in a non-volatile memory
• Detection range in the open: approx. 40m radius
• Detection range in buildings: approx. 20m radius
• LC display 2×16 with integrated backlight
• 4 keys for easy operation
• User-friendly, interactive menu
• Password protection against unauthorized access
• Whip antenna, swiveling
• High-capacity battery for approx. 10 operating hours
• Charge level indication via LED display
• Permanent operation in case of mains supply
• Built-in battery charger with mains supply

Operating voltage110 - 240V AC
Power consumption80W max.
Battery capacity7.2Ah (standard), optional 12Ah or 15Ah
Charging current1.5Ah
Permissible operating temperature0°C to +50°C
Protection classIP 67 (for closed housings)
Monitoring ranges880 – 915MHz / 1705 – 1780MHz / 1920 – 1980MHz
Blocker frequencies915 – 960MHz / 2W max. 1810 – 1880MHz / 2W max. 2110 – 2170MHz / 2W max.
Serial portRS485
Dimensions305 x 270 x 195mm (without antenna)