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Jammer Set

Product number: PKI 6720

  • PKI-6720-Jammer-Set

    PKI 6720 Jammer Set

There are always unforeseen events that must be eliminated immediately. For this reason, PKI assorted this PKI 6720 Jammer Set. For a prompt reaction, we considered it important to have certain jammers available.

PKI 6730 Mobile Phone Jammer
PKI 6820 WiFi and Bluetooth Jammer
PKI 6840 12 Band Mobile Jamming System
PKI 6860 Audio/Video Jammer
PKI 6870 Mains Jammer
PKI 6890 GPS Jammer
PKI 6910 Two-Way Radio Jammer

The specifications can be found under the respective PKI number. PKI jammers are easily operated. Plug on the antennas, connect the power supply, switch on. In case of several channels, control the power individually. Our jammers operate noiselessly and are designed for permanent operation.