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Mobile Jamming Systems

Product number: PKI 6970

The PKI 6970 Mobile Jamming Systems uses the technology of the more advanced digital frequency generation, compared to the traditional PLL technique, in order to allow different modes of signal generation. Our PKI 6970 Mobile Jamming Systems leaves nothing to be desired.

A) Spot-jamming of a particular frequency or channel

B) Hopping – Jamming of jumping frequencies in combination with an optional connected surveillance receiver, a single bus-band may be selected or the whole spectrum of 20-3000MHz. On special request we are able to deliver also frequencies up to 6GHz.

C) Sweep – Jamming of a frequency band at an ultra-fast speed and in a continuous mode, various programmable frequency windows allow to define the beginning and end of the frequency bands to cover.

D) Barriage – Instantaneous and continuous p.n. noise (pseudo noise) jamming over a wide band. It is possible to activate all sub-bands at the same time and to get a total complete RMS power of 1100W output to the antenna.

The data may vary depending on the vehicle. The system includes a complete set of roof mounted antennas, remote control and monitoring system.

Technical data is subject to change without notice.

Frequency Coverage20MHz to 3000MHz (including 800,900,1800,1900 and 2100 mobile phone bands to cover AMPK, CDMA, TDMA, GSM, IDEN and UMTS bands)
Power output1100W total
Number of channels 12Channel 1 20 - 80MHz 200W, Channel 2 80 - 200MHz 200W
Channel 3 200 - 500MHz 200W, Channel 4 500 - 1000MHz 100W
Channel 5 1 - 2GHz 100W, Channel 6 2 - 3GHz 100W
Channel 7 800MHz 50W, Channel 8 900MHz 30W
Channel 9 1800MHz 30W, Channel 10 1900MHz 30W
Channel 11 2100MHz 30W, Channel 12 2400MHz 30W
Power consumptionApprox. 260A at 12V (3120 Watts)
Effective operating rangeApprox. 80 - 200 meter (depending on location)
Jamming SignalCDSS (Complex Digital Sweep Signal)
AmplifiersClass A Linear, gain flatness +/- 1.5dB
VSWR ProtectionProtected against antenna miss match including open and short circuit
Temperature range-10°C to +70°C
Humidity0% - 90% relative humidity
Power sources12 V DC from car system and additional generator
Cooling systemForced air (by built-in blower)
DimensionsApprox. 500 x 500 x 1150mm ( h x d x w )
WeightApprox. 130 - 150kg