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Portable Bluetooth, WiFi, Video Jammer

Product number: PKI 6755

  • PKI-6755-Portable-Bluetooth-WiFi-Video-Jammer

    PKI 6755 Portable Bluetooth, WiFi, Video Jammer

This pocket-sized PKI 6755 Portable Bluetooth, WiFi, Video Jammer is the one and only solution for protecting conference rooms, schools, hospitals, court rooms, jails, military establishments, petrol stations, theatres, churches, mosques etc. Due to its minimized size the Portable Bluetooth, WiFi, Video Jammer can easily be body-worn and disguised in clothing, handbags or any other personal belongings.

Tx frequency for type A895/900 to 1000MHz
Tx frequency for type B1195/1200 to 1300MHz
Tx frequency for type C2395/2400 to 2500MHz
Output power+25dBm / 300mW
Power supplyNi-H battery 12VDC / 1600mA/h
WeightApprox. 300g
DimensionsApprox. 110 x 62 x 30mm (without antenna)
Jamming Range - radius5 - 8 meters
Protects from unwanted remote controlled monitoring
Covers every kind of Bluetooth, WiFi and video transmission
Various frequency ranges available