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Ultrasonic Detector

Product number: PKI 6700

PKI 6700 is an ultrasonic detector to determine the direction of the ultrasonic waves when positioning our Conference Listening Eliminator PKI 6715. This is essential for the optimal use of PKI 6715. Detection of the radiation is such, for example in the conference room, that the possible recording devices including smartphones are optimally exposed to ultrasonic waves and the recording of speech is eliminated, because the interfering signal is targeted at the recording source. The handling is very easy, an LED bargraph display and a gentle acoustic signal indicates the optimal ultrasonic strength. Power is switched on by the potentiometer knob with a setting before full scale is reached. The user will very quickly determine where the strongest ultrasonic signals are present by moving in each direction. PKI 6715 should be then positioned accordingly. Power is supplied by a 9V battery. Sensitivity should be set to Hi or Lo as desired, as well as sound ON or OFF. The battery can be viewed by pressing the button on the back and pulling the snap-on housing upwards. External microphone is used for additional recordings of the smallest dimensions.

Battery9V E-Block
Power consumption100mA
Duration5 hours
Dimension14cm x 8cm x 2,5cm
Sensor 1Ext. Electret, Sound pressure up to 150dB 18-50KHz
Sensor 2Int. Electret via 1m cable, Sound pressure up to 150dB 18-50KHz