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Digital Audio Bug with Download Server

Product number: PKI 2980

The PKI 2980 Digital Audio Bug with Download Server is a further development of our audio server. With its two microphones, the digital audio bug records a stereo signal of high quality directly on the built-in flash memory. In the process, permanent or event-controlled recording can be used. The recordings made by the PKI bug are available on the integrated download server at regular intervals that can be freely defined. The files are protected by a hash value against later manipulation and then encrypted with a public key. The server can be accessed via WiFi.

Depending on the configuration, the PKI 2980 Digital Audio Bug with Download Server  can be accessed as a WLAN access point, and can thus for example be queried from nearby using a laptop. Alternatively, the server can connect itself with existing WiFi networks and can make the recordings available worldwide via a VPN access. The power can be supplied by batteries or directly by a mains adapter. Connection to the power network turns the device into a readily available audio monitoring device.

Size58 x 35 x 7mm
Audio frequency response20Hz - 22kHz
Compression CodecMp3, Opus
WLAN2.4GHz WPA2 as client or AP
Power supply3.7V or wide-range power supply