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Media Monitoring System

Product number: PKI 1400

In contrast to the past, nowadays news are not always edited or come from the established news agencies. Many different media and the Internet compete for the attention of the users. When it comes to tracking the origin of messages or even “fake news”, the PKI 1400 Media Monitoring System can be a precious help. The system combines all kinds of news sources and archives them for evaluation purposes. Television and radio programs can be recorded and evaluated from any source. All content and meta-information is automatically added to the database which can be searched for keywords and other criteria. The material can be automatically searched for specific content.

In addition, content from social networks can be integrated in order to be able to assess the response to messages in the media. Contents can be categorised by language and image analysis. Face recognition and speech2text conversion can also be used to enable the analysis of the contents. The system has a modular design and can be fed from many sources. Content can be directly digitally imported or be made available from analog sources by means of appropriate digitizers. Primarily, all existing TV and radio programs are fed in and automatically recorded. All of these contents can later be retrieved via any client or also be exported.