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Stethoscope „The Controller“ – newest Version

Product number: PKI 2405

This is the latest development by PKI. Small, fine and naughty. Why?

With this professional all-rounder, you can listen through concrete walls as easily as through doors or windows, and this without having to be there. The PKI 2405 controller with its miniature dimensions of Ø 30 x 14mm, weight only 14g is easily connected to the object to be monitored using our special mastics and therefore adheres there. Monitoring can start and this up to 264 hours. The softest sounds and language are recorded, i.e. saved. Depending on the relevance, PKI 2405 can be removed again and via the built-in memory and a laptop, a PC or a smartphone, the data obtained are made audible.

This device outperforms all previous stethoscope monitoring devices. With the built-in automatic sound recognition sensor, it is possible to record only if audible signals are present in the form of noise or conversations. As a result, significantly extended recording times are possible. All recorded data is password protected, no one except the user has access to the data. The easy „one touch“ operation facilitates the use considerably. For simple file navigation, the recordings are time-stamped. PKI 2405 with built-in 8GB memory allows 4 different recordings in 32kbps, 192kbps, 512kbps, 1536kbps depending on the requirements or the desired maximum recording time or quality. The Piezo recording system developed by PKI with automatic control unit ensures excellent application possibilities and is suitable for any kind of monitoring.

Operating manual PKI 2405 stethoscope „The Controller“:

Using this bugging tool allows inconspicuous eavesdropping through walls, windows, doors, floors and ceilings. Simply stick PKI 2405 with our mastic material to the wall, door or window, switch ON and recording starts. Sound quality and volume can be optimized by thickness and diameter of the mastic material. You should try different quantities of mastic material as amplification factor of PKI 2405 is 500.000.

The stethoscope provides low-frequency elimination so that disturbing noises from pumps and motors of household utensils are reduced in useful signal. Windows are louder and a pea-size quantity placed in the middle of PKI 2405 will be sufficient. For application on thicker stone walls put on the mastic material thin and widespread. PKI 2405 records up to 36 hours if it is not switched off before. For playback connect the device by mini USB cable to PC or USB playback device. WAF data is stored with date and time in USB file record voice. Recorder capacity is limited to 132 hours. PKI 2405 works silently, is extremely small, lightweight and cannot be located, i.e. it sends no HF radiation as is usual when it comes to wireless transmissions.


  • Plug & play
  • Exactly adjustable by acoustic mastic material
  • Easy eavesdropping through walls, floors, ceilings, glass and wood
  • High-sensitive, 500.000 fold amplification
  • Strong rechargeable battery
  • Voice-activated recording or continuous mode
  • Premium quality using special contact microphone
  • Easy fixing by special acoustic mastic material
  • Permanent recording up to 132/264 hours with external battery
  • Audio bandwidth 500 – 20.000Hz
  • Low-frequency elimination
Weight 14gr
Size 30 x 14mm
Power supplyPolymer battery 3,7V 130mAh
Recording formatWAV 192Kbps continuously 512Kbps voice-activated