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Arm- and Leg Protectors

Product number: PKI 9145

  • PKI-9145-Arm-and-Leg-Protectors

    PKI 9145 Arm- and Leg Protectors

The PKI 9145 Arm- and leg protectors consists in body-shaped protective parts made of polypropylen and flame-resistant fabrics. The protectors can easily be adjusted individually, so that they are extremely comfortable and very quick to put on and to remove. An individual adjustment of ergonomically formed protector parts can be achieved by elastic cords with Velcro strips and fleece shutters.

Arm protectionProtectability 35 Nm, consisting of elbow and lower arm protector
MaterialAluminium alloy edged by breathable fabrics
Leg protectionProtectability 35 Nm, body-shaped knee protector fixed with special seam between tights and upper shin bone protector
MaterialSpecial aluminium alloy, inlets with special stitching for optimal air ventilation