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A/V Microprobe Ø 4,5mm Silent Drill

Product number: PKI 8035 / PKI 8040

  • PKI-8035-and-PKI-8040-AV-Microprobe-and-Silent-Drill

    PKI 8035 and PKI 8040 A/V Microprobe and Silent Drill

This observation set PKI 8035 and PKI 8040 allows the A/V observation from outside, i.e. through walls. With the A/V Microprobe Ø 4,5mm Silent Drill PKI 8040, the almost silent drilling system, you can drill a hole having a diameter of 5mm into walls up to a thickness of 40cm. The special drilling system PKI 8040 is almost silent at the lowest speed. It is only necessary to remove the accumulated drilling residues from the special drill. The drilling residues are removed manually.

Power supply85 - 270 VAC (50 - 60 Hz) from mains or 12 VDC rechargeable battery with mains
Drilling speed140 rpm at 12 VDC
Drives forward or reverse with switch on the side of the drill
Motor protectionSpecial clutch system to disengage the motor at 10 Amps draw to protect the system
DimensionsApprox. 43 x 32 x 13 cm
WeightApprox. 8.5 kg
The system is contained in a watertight case

Through the hole drilled this way, you can now introduce the PKI 8035 A/V microprobe and use it for observation purposes. The PKI 8035 is designed as a modular system. The camera directly transmits the image data onto the 8.9cm colour monitor. Optionally, wireless transmission is also possible. Power is supplied via a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Highly interesting is the video recording function on SD memory card (max. 16GB); operations can be reliably documented and stored. Playback on a A/V Microprobe Ø 4.5mm, Silent Drill larger monitor is possible via the integrated connection. The PKI 8035 disposes of a fixed focus function and a continuously dimmable LED light source.

8.9 cm TFT colour monitor
Resolution640 x 480 pixels
Recording and playback via MicroSD memory card
Endoscopic camera with a useful length of 90 cm
Watertight (IP67) camera head with a diameter of 4.5 mm
1.4 mm CMOS image sensor with 320 x 240 pixels
Automatic sharpness control via fixed focus function
White light LEDs (dimmable)
Horizontal opening angle63°
Operating temperature-10°C to +50°C
Air humidity15 ~ 85 %
Dimensions140 x 70 x 28 mm (TFT colour monitor)
50 x 20 x 20 mm (camera excl. endoscope)
Weight300 g (camera incl. holder), 275 g (TFT colour monitor)
Power supplyCamera (4 x AA batteries)
TFT colour monitor (rechargeable Li-ion battery, mains adapter)
Scope of supply
Camera, 90 cm camera probe with 4.5 mm camera head, TFT colour monitor, mains adapter for monitor, batteries, USB cable, hard-top case, instruction manual