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Breathing Device with Compressed Air

Product number: PKI 9320

  • PKI-9320-Breathing-Device-with-Compressed-Air

    PKI 9320 Breathing Device with Compressed Air

Without this unit of our PKI 9320 Breathing Device with Compressed Air it is impossible to enter a burning building. The compressed air tank is attached to a body-comfortable strap-on device made of light carbon fibre. The straps can be twisted and is flexibly connected with the carrying tray. Lateral adjustment can be done via special straps. The shoulder straps are easily adjustable for various body sizes and are secured against unintended twisting. The compressed air hose is conducted over the shoulder.

Weight4.9 kg
Filling junctionFor 300 bar
ApprovalEN 137 and vfdb 0802
Belts and strapsFlame-resistant
Air supply>1000 l/min, sufficient for 2 persons
Compressed air hoseWith security plug-and-socket clutch
ManometerAfter glowing display
VariousIndicating remaining usage time automatic alert immobility manual emergency alert
Temperature display at the push of a button data recording
C-data can be transferred on PC via IR interface