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Car ID Set

Product number: PKI 9530

  • PKI-9530-Car-ID-Set

    PKI 9530 Car ID Set

Very often the original chassis numbers of stolen cars, machines etc. are made invisible, grinded away or even replaced by new, forged numbers. With our PKI 9530 Car ID Set the originally stamped numbers can be made visible again. This PKI 9530 Car ID Set identification set especially has been assembled for the use by special police forces and other government departments being related to the identification of stolen cars or other valuable items.

Basically, a testing can only be executed on iron materials and if the ID-numbers have been impacted automatically or by hand. A magnetic flux is produced in the soft-iron-core by two magnetic coils. This magnetic flux is directed into the material via the poles. If the lines of magnetic flux impact vertically hit on a material-compression, some of the lines drop out of the material and from the magnetic stray field at the compression field point. Now the magnetic powder has to be applied on the compression point and the magnetic stray field will attract all available iron parts of the powder in order to react against the magnetic air-resistance.

Content1 pce hand yoke magnet for evidence of grinded ID-numbers
1 pce UV lamp for visualisation of numbers
1 pce NFR 101 Aerosol tin, high fluorescent magnetic powder
1 pce cleaner for degreasing of surfaces
Power supply220 VAC, 50Hz
DimensionsApprox. 480 x 380 x 200mm (standard briefcase)
WeightApprox. 12,5kg