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Computer Data Restorage

Product number: PKI 9795

  • PKI-9795-Computer-Data-Restorage

    PKI 9795 Computer Data Restorage

It happens quite often and is unforeseeable: the PC data is destroyed or lost by interference of hard ware, user failure, deletion or data formatting by mistake or virus attacks. But we can offer help! These Problems are solved with the PKI 9795 Computer Data Restorage. After receipt of your PC we will issue a diagnostic report stating which data could be restored and at which level. Hereafter we will submit a firm offer to you. All data will be restored bit by bit in painstaking detail. Your PC will be opened in clean room in order to realize a 1:1 copy of the hard disk. Afterwards the structure of your file system will be reconstituted and the lost, corrupt or damaged datas is available again. Our forensic scientists will also analyse whether electronic documents are forged, modified or deleted your PC with the PKI 9795 Computer Data Restorage. Please ask us for electronic search for traces and data protection.