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Decontamination Container

Product number: PKI 9015

  • PKI-9015-Decontamination-Container

    PKI 9015 Decontamination Container

This PKI 9015 Decontamination Container universal environmental protection system has been designed for fire fighting brigades wearing heavy C-protection suits at the place of an accident. It allows to take all necessary actions to pass from high contaminated area to safe area. Contaminated dirty water and other materials can be collected for further treatment or disposal. This autarkic system provides immediate decontamination of highly toxic hazardous substances.

Dimensions of container5,50 x 2,45 x 2,30 m
Weight8 tons
Decontamination of persons20 per hour
Decontamination of chemical protective clothing8 per hour
Decontamination of vehicles8 per hour
Operation pressure30 - 140 bar
Volume output300 - 900 l / hour
Operating temperature30°C - 150°C
Heating power70 kW
Power consumption16 kW, 230/400 V / 50 Hz