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IR Marker

Product number: PKI 8105

  • PKI-8105-IR-Marker

    PKI 8105 IR Marker

The PKI 8105 IR Marker can be used for identification in any place. Wherever no HF radiation is desired (can be easily detected) and a line of sight exists. Our IR markers are tailored to the customer´s requirements: low power, high power, long operating time, short operating time, and the respective dimensions are accordingly. We mainly manufacture IR markers in the 880nm range, however, we can also produce them in the 860nm or 940nm range. They are frequently used by ground forces, but also in technical devices for identification purposes from the vehicle. The PKI 8105 standard device weighs only 80g, is 50 x 50 x 10mm in size and can thus be installed unobtrusively anywhere.

Dimensions50 x 50 x 10 mm
Weight80 g
Power supplyLi-ion battery
Light sourceIR LEDs 860 - 940 nm (invisible to the human eye from 910 nm on)
Operating timeAccording to the desired power up to max. 360 h (impulse operation)