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Key Copying Kit

Product number: PKI 9605

  • PKI-9605-Key-Copying-Kit

    PKI 9605 Key Copying Kit

Wherever it is necessary to place monitoring devices into a room, non-destructive methods to open and close locked doors are required. For such purposes, different methods are possible. Whether using our lock-picking devices or casting a perfect copy of the original key – in any way we can supply the right solutions. With our PKI 9605 Key Copying Kit we offer the best way for all special forces to enter the room as often as required under the condition that the original key is available at least once. For each and every type of key you can easily obtain a totally identical copy of the original, without the need of any key blank and within only a few minutes. The original has to be fixed in the supplied mould and the mixed-up impression material has to be filled into this. After curing of the material, the original key has to be removed and the remaining shape is to be filled with the supplied special casting metal material. With this mould, several similar copies of the original can be done, one by one, within seconds. Our PKI 9605 Key Copying Kit model leaves nothing to be desired.


  • 1 pc. metal casting mould
  • 2 pcs. support for keys
  • 1 block special metal casting material
  • 1 pc. burner with gas-cartridge
  • 1 pc. mixing bowl
  • 1 bottle hardener
  • 1 bottle interlace agent
  • 1 box impression material
  • 1 set tools, with screwdriver, knife, spatula, one-way syringes, casting spoon etc.
  • 1 pc. operating manual
  • 1 pc. carrying case for the whole kit