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Letter Bomb Detector

Product number: PKI 7130

  • PKI-7130-Letter-Bomb-Detector

    PKI 7130 Letter Bomb Detector

With the PKI 7130 Letter Bomb Detector you can check all suspicious mail like letters and small parcels. It is easy to handle and detects all kind of metal and alloys and even very small components of improvised bombs or incendiary devices. Alarm is given as audio and optic signal. The audio alarm can be switched off. Two different modes are available: static or dynamic. In static mode, the alarm depends on an adjustable trigger threshold and has to be reset manually. In dynamic mode, the alarm signal depends completely on the target’s characteristics. This allows the cross-checking and determination of the target’s size and position, when a letter was separated due to an alarm. The sensitivity of the PKI 7130 Letter Bomb Detector is very high. It can be adjusted according to the required value and it is possible to suppress the indication of staples, clips or unwanted metal objects.

AlarmOptical alarm and switchable audio alarm
Dynamic modeIntermittent alarm with automatic reset
Static modeContinuous alarm with manual reset by button press
Power supplyBuilt-in NiCd battery
Operating timeApprox. 18h with NiCd battery
Battery controlFlashing LED
Dimensions380 x 280 x 65mm folded, 380 x 280 x 215mm unfolded