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Medical Kit / First Aid Box

Product number: PKI 9330

The PKI 9330 Medical Kit / First Aid Box for injuries by fire is made of ABS plastics and comes with a wall retainer. The bandaging material is suitable for first aid. Its aluminium evaporation avoids adhesion to the wound. The Medical Kit / First Aid Box is equipped with a carrying handle for mobile use. The Medical Kit / First Aid Box kit comprises all necessary tools for first aid of up to 5 persons according to NORM Z1020.

Dimensions400 x 300 x 150 mm
ColourSignal orange
Content medical kitCompresses, bandage tissue, special bandages for face, head, hand, arm and leg, cooling pad, sterile water, infusion set, injection set, scissors, rescue blankets
Content first aid boxFirst-class bandages, compresses, bandage tissue, gauze bandage, adhesive plaster, splinter tweezers, scissors, tourniquet,
NoteThe medical kit can also be adapted to individual requirements