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Portable Mobile Forensic package

Product number: PKI 8420

Mobile, portable forensic package with PKI 8425 for the first responder or triage at the scene. PKI 8420 supports rapid response to field enquiries by enabling faster and more selective collection of evidence data with PKI 8425. PKI 8420 can be used as a mobile evidence triage and supports selective collection for privacy protection. The mobile evidence triage and selective collection without disclosure of privacy is possible with PKI 8425.

Product Highlights
Preinstalled PKI 8425 tray
All-in-one package for the first responder on site
Adaptable package components
Key features
Portable live forensic tool for the investigator on sitePortable tablet with PKI 8425 software enables rapid response at the crime
scene on site and data capture on the move
Supports faster and more secure forensic processesQuick capture of selective data with PKI 8425 to ensure the privacy of the
phone owner
Mirroring and remote control of the smartphone displayCan be used when the phone's screen is broken and prevents unwanted
operations on the phone
The mirrored screen can be captured and recorded as evidence
Screen recording of the PKI 8425 softwarePC screen of the PKI 8425 recording for playback and verification of its
forensic process
External camera for the chain of custodyPhotographing evidence and recording the investigation process with an
external camera for the chain of custody
Supports all necessary forensic accessoriesUSB Cable, External Camera, Tablet, Portable Carrier
Components of the package
Portable carrier
PKI 8425 installation software (USB/online)
USB dongle key
Touch tray
5 types of smartphone cables (5, 8, 20, 30, C-type pin)
HD External Camera
Portable printer
Tablet specifications
Operating systemWindows 8/ 10 (all 64 bit)
CPUi5 or faster
Working memory8 GB
SSD512 G
Displays1024 x 768 x or higher
USB1 or more USB 2.0/ 3.0/ 3.1 ports
Microsoft Net Framework 4.5