This product is listed in: Police, Customs and Military Equipment

Pin Fiberscope, Rigid Search Fiberscope, Flexible Biberscope, Ultra-slim Fiberscope

Product number: PKI 8010, PKI 8015, PKI 8020, PKI 8030

Often observations and insprections have to be done through very small openings. To look through key holes, to monitor rooms through smallest holes in the wall, or somply to control areas behind a door, this is all possible with our fiberscopes. PKI offers a large variety of fiberescopes for day-to-day onspections. Whether you need it long, short, rigid, flexible, with or without light, with connection to video recorder or for direct observation. Please let us have your individual requirements and we will be pleased to issue a personally designed offer.

Angle of viewField of viewDimensionsLightCamera adapter
PKI 80100° forward50°170 x 2 mm12V/50W HalogenIncluded
PKI 80150° forward30°300 x 12 mm12V/50W HalogenIncluded
PKI 80200° forward60°700 - 3000 x 4 -12 mm12V/50W HalogenIncluded
PKI 80300° forward50°1000 x 2 mmWithoutIncluded